Formal Hire By Gerald Boughton

Terms & Conditions Of Hire
If you feel unable to accept any of the terms and conditions imposed, you may cancel your order within 48 hours of placing your order and receive a full refund (unless the function date is within 7 days of the order date).

What We Ask Of You
You must come for your fitting on the stated day and you must try on all of the garments to ensure that they fit. If the fit is not satisfactory, please report this to us immediately or no later than 9.30am on the day following your fitting date. We cannot accept responsibility if you fail to do so.
You must ensure that you treat the garments with reasonable care.

Cancellation Policy
In the event of the order being cancelled up to 1 week before your function date, your deposit will be non refundable.
In the event of the order being cancelled within 1 week of your function date, you will lose / expect to pay 100% of the total order cost per outfit.

Accidental Damage Waiver
If you have paid a premium for the Accidental Damage Waiver, we will waive any charges that would normally arise following accidental damage to any or all of the garments whilst being used appropriately.
The waiver will not apply if in our opinion the garments have become damaged through inappropriate use.
We reserve the right to charge for any garment which is lost, stolen or returned damaged (unless covered by the Accidental Damage Waiver). Details of charges are available on request.
Lost garments will be charged at their full value.

Other Conditions
Although every effort will be made to have all of your garments available for collection on your fitting date, but the actual hire is deemed to commence at 9.00am on the function date.
We shall have no liability for expenses incurred by yourself during the fitting / collection process.
If you require your outfits before the dates shown on your order, a charge of £8.00 per day will incur for those days.
You must try all garments on at fitting date.
If outfits are returned later than the return date stated, a charge of £8.00 per day will become payable thereafter.